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Welcome to O'Brien's 6/5 Classroom Blog

Welcome to O'Brien's 6/5 Classroom Blog!

April !

I hope everyone had a restful and relaxing Easter break. The last few days really showed how much the students needed it!
However I'm looking forward to the things to come as we are starting several new units that the kids have been excited for.

In Language Arts We will continue to explore the Cafe strategies to help students decode and build their confidence in reading. We have also been working on organizing our writing into themes and eventual paragraphs. We have been creating monsters and using them to help us guide us through the process.

In Math we have moved on to our measurement unit focusing on area, perimeter of squares and polygons as well as the volume and surface area of rectangular prisms. Students will get to further their measuring skills as well as have the opportunity for plenty of hands on learning.

In Social Studies we have moved on to exploring Ancient Greece and how it's people were able to (or not able to) participate and influence government. The kids have been having a blast learning about slaves and the differing roles and responsibilities of men and women.

This month we will be finishing up the sacraments and looking forward to preparing ourselves for the Month of May be exploring Mary's role in our Catholic faith and the power of the rosary.

Our trip to Heritage park helped give an awesome intro to our new Science unit of Air and Aerodynamics. Students will be preforming several experiments to further their understanding of air having Mass and it's effects on moving objects.

February! It's already Half way!

January flew by and it appears that this month will too! It’s going to be very busy month at St. Stephens and within our classroom as we will be beginning several new projects in Social Studies and Science as well as new units within Math and Language Arts.
Our class has been loving the sky science unit and throughout February we will be exploring our solar system and its planets.
We have also started THE LOST ISLAND! Students are “exploring” the last undiscovered civilizations and uncovering its system of democracy.
In Math we have begun fractions including mixed numbers, equivalent fractions and eventually decimals. So far the students have been really enjoying the unit and things are moving along smoothly.

Within religion we are exploring the importance of the sacraments and how we have been gifted with them to help our souls grow in strength and faith.  To guide us though we will be making eight page booklets from a single sheet of paper!

We have had plenty of indoor recesses over the past few weeks but there are lots of opportunities for students to burn off their energy and escape the cold. Board games club and dominoes club is starting this month as well as dance club after school. We also have Winter Olympics day on the 14th!
St. Stephens will be hosting a pancake breakfast on Shrove Tuesday for the whole school followed by our Lenten liturgy. All parents are welcome to attend in participating and building our Catholic Community.

Teachers convention starts this on the 15th and will lead to a five-day weekend due to Family Day on the 19th!
Have a great start to Lent!

Mr. O’Brien

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December is already here!

I find it hard to believe that December is already here and the Christmas break in now less than 3 weeks away. Although the kids have been talking about it for weeks now, we still have lots to do before the break!

We are beginning our unit of Sky Science and students will be recording moon phases, and the placement of the stars and sun in the sky. 
In Social Studies we are exploring Representative democracy vs Direct democracy and the pros and cons of each.  Students will be building their own country and system to govern it!
In Religion we will be focusing on the gifts of the sacraments and how we can use these gifts to grow in faith and redirect our lives to God. 
It's going to be a busy month for Math as we will be turning our focus to division focusing on strategies to use and long division. 

I'm looking forward to a busy but fun month!

Thank you for allowing me to have the opportunity to partake in your child's education. Throughout the year we will work to build an engaging and safe learning environment.  I encourage my students to take risks and make mistakes. I greatly value the fantastic opportunity we have in Alberta of a Catholic education. In our class I encourage all students to grow in faith and root all their efforts in God.

I'm looking forward to an amazing year and creating an environment where students will enjoy coming to school each and everyday. 

On this blog I will keep students and parents informed with relevant information about our classroom and learning.

Be sure to check frequently to stay updated!

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Welcome to O'Brien's 6/5 Classroom Blog

Welcome to O'Brien's 6/5 Classroom Blog! April ! I hope everyone had a restful and relaxing Easter break. The last few days rea...